The fathers of personal computing (Conversation class)

I’m going to talk about “The fathers of the personal computing”. Now its normal for us to have PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablet pcs, and other technological gadgets. But all of this would be imposible without two persons. Before this two persons, the computers were big (The smallest computer could take a entire room), very, very expensives, and only big companys and universitys could afford it. But Lets get to the point. 

First, I’ll talk about Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco in 1955. He was adopted. His father, a machinist for a company that made lasers, taught him in his childhood basics electronics and how to work with his hands.

He was hired in Hewlet Packard in a summer job, where he met Steve Wozniak. He dropped out the university after six months, but he continuied auditing classes for two years, sleeping on the floor in friends rooms and returning coke’s bottles for food money. He attend to Typography lessons where he said he discover the love for the beauty, and the design. And this three things (Basis electronics, typography lessons, and met Steve Wozniak) were the seeds of Apple Computer Inc.

Now, I’ll talk about Bill Gates. Bill Gates was born in Seattle in 1955 too. His grandfather was the president of the USA national bank, his father was a prominent lawyer, and his mother was working in bank too.

Gates starts programming at age of 14 in the school, and his first program was a tic-tac-toe where the people can play with the computer. One summer he met Paul Alen, and they were banned from the school for exploting bugs in the computer to get free computing time. At the end of the ban, they offered to discover bugs in this machine in exchange to get free computing time. After the school he went to Harvard where he met Steve Ballmer, the vice-president of Microsoft. 

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Inc. In the garage of Job’s parents in 1976. Wozniak invented the Apple I, and shell it like and assembling kit. Wozniak offereded the Apple I design to HP beacuse he had a contract with them that said that his inventions had to be offered to them (He was an employee of HP). The managers of HP laught at Wozniak and Jobs. They said that the normal people would never want to have computers in their homes. Good guess HP!!

Five years later, Steve Jobs was the first to see the potential of a new invent by Xerox… the mouse. And employee of Apple used it in a new computer, the Macintosh, the firt personal computer completely assembled, and with a graphical user interface.

In 1976 Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer founded Microsoft and shell to IBM an operative system that they didn’t have. Gates bought the MS-DOS from other company and then license it to the IBM-PC. The name of MS-DOS is recursive, it means Microsoft DOS Operative System. Gates don want to shell the system to IBM, only license it. The most intelligent decision that he can made, beacuse other companys clone the IBM-PC and Microsoft can license the system for all… and make lots of money. Later, they made the first version of Windows, the system all the people known in our time.

This is the principal difference between Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft make money doing clever decissions but not to doing good things. Apple make money doing good things (also with marketing, of course). 

We can see the difference in this two advertisments, one, the first advertisment of a personal computer by apple, in the 1984 superbowl, and second, the first advertisment of Microsoft Windows. 

Now you can see the entire speech of Steve Jobs at Standford:

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And here, you can read an article from the Steve Jobs’ Sister after his death:
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And of course… my slides (without the videos):


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